Cute Overload

If your front lawn doubles as a popular hangout for furry felines, you might be a cat lady – in most of the world, anyway. In Miami, on the other hand, that's just what happens when you have a front lawn. Or a patio. Or an alley behind your apartment. Stray cats and dogs are an ever-growing problem all across Miami-Dade county. And that's extra sad if you're a sucker for cats' slinky, quirky qualities or the genuine love a dog feels for his owner. Those suckers (or as we prefer to call them, big-hearted animal lovers) can make a difference in Miami's stray animal population Friday at the Mega Pet Adoption Event at Tropical Park (7900 Bird Rd., Miami). Through the combined efforts of The Humane Society of Greater Miami, Miami-Dade Animal Services, The Cat Network, and other rescue groups from all over South Florida, prospective pet owners can snuggle up to over 800 animals who need a home. And there's more to this 24-hour adopt-athon than crazy cute animals in need. Live dance and music performances, refreshments from local restaurants and food trucks, and vendors selling products for new pets are all chipping in to ensure the event meets its goal of finding new homes for 600 displaced dogs and cats.
Fri., Oct. 26, 2012


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