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Miami Now: Don't miss this mega show from Edge Zones, curated by Charo Oquet and David Vardi and featuring 32 artists. The work is consistently good throughout. Standouts include Nestor Arenas's insect stills, Raimundo Travieso's PC-generated drawings, Nereida García Ferraz's colorful and surreal visions, Nelson Gutierrez's fashion vitrines, Jacqueline Lipsky's battered-doll vistas, Tom Schmitt's exquisite Op works, and Edward Bob's music. Don't miss the third floor, with Hervé Di Rosa's remarkable sculptures and paintings, along with Charo Oquet's altars. It's a Miami art feast and it comes with a catalogue. -- Alfredo Triff Through January 5. World Arts Building, 2214 N. Miami Avenue, Miami; 305-303-8852.

Miami Paintant: Fabian Marcaccio has built one of his so-called paintants (an adjoining of painting and mutant) at the Miami Art Museum, constructed thirteen feet high and a hundred feet long if you add up all of its spiraling length. The artist has applied globs of pigmented silicone more than six inches thick to a surface printed with a digitally generated collage of body parts. Individual areas of the painting work, but Marcaccio seems to have abdicated responsibility for making the entire object function from edge to edge. Daunting and ambitious in scale, it nevertheless comes off as unworkably freakish and bombastic. -- Franklin Einspruch Through January 23. Miami Art Museum, 101 W. Flagler Street, Miami, 305-375-3000,

OMNIART: As capitalism's urban utopia failed its promise of better living during late twentieth-century, our abandoned inner-city cores have become artists' sanctuaries -- sort of "pristine" urban forms. Miami artist Tina Spiro has organized and conceptualized OMNIART, which includes warehouses and streets along NE Thirteenth Street between Second Avenue and Miami Court. It has installations, site-specific work, and street performances by more than 50 artists, with support from the City of Miami and the cooperation of faculty, students, and alumni from the University of Miami and FIU's art departments. -- Alfredo Triff January 7 from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., January 8 and 9 from noon to 6:00 p.m. Warehouse 1, corner of NE Second Avenue and Thirteenth Street, Miami; 305-576-2950,

Sites-Miami 2004: Lummus Park (Miami's first recreational area inaugurated in 1909) has temporarily become a rich installation site, organized by William Keddell and Brook Dorsch. Stop by a dramatic photo-tribute by Lou Anne Colodny, David Rohn's gathering of soiled and mutilated dolls on the park's grass, Rebecca Guarda's spiral assemblage of colorful and fluorescent traffic signals and Kyle Trowbridge "eco-gadgets " with instructions placed at the bottom of trees. -- Alfredo Triff Through January 16. Lummus Park, 404 NW Third St., Miami; 305-305-7012 (William Keddell).


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