Cultist Will Live Blog the Freaking Oscars (You're Welcome, America)

Cultist Will Live Blog the Freaking Oscars (You're Welcome, America)

​Sunday night is Oscar night. A night of glitz, glamour, shitty musical numbers, and acceptance speeches cut short by impatient producers who care more about Mr. Sulu selling the masses a color television set than the Oscar winner's gratitude for their respective spouse and children. 

It's also a night where the Academy honors it's very best -- if the very best is a cliché'-filled movie about blue monkey aliens and their hippie-love tree, or an Indian musical, or a Martin Scorsese flick where everyone in the movie gets shot in the face. Good times!

So why not spend it with us this Sunday as Cultist live-blogs the Oscars. Be here with us as we mercilessly mock rich famous people while cursing ourselves for wrongly picking Ryan Gosling to win Best Actor in our Oscar pool (I COULDN'T HELP IT! HE'S JUST SO DREAMY!). Be here with us as we watch James Franco and Anne Hathaway make awkward jokes about Charlie Sheen. It's gonna be a kickass time! So come join us on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. as we get all live-bloggy with the Academy Awards.


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