Cubanos on Film

Those eager to catch a whiff of the cinematic funk and experimental video developing in Cuba can thank Centro Cultural Español for organizing a series of programs beginning tonight at 7:00 and featuring the quirky work of more than 30 artist/auteurs. Curated by Mailyn Machado, “Play: Video Cubano” spools six nights of exhibits organized along aesthetic and thematic lines. Organizers say the show offers cineastes “some of the most relevant and creative avant audiovisual works developing on the island” and boasts more than 60 works in diverse genres.

Some of the artists whose work will be featured as part of CCE’s programming sweeps include Alexandre Arrechea, Carlos Diaz Lechuga, Arturo Infante, Nadia Medina, Tamara Morales, and Daniel Vera. The show attempts to draw together the wide and complex audiovisual landscape unfolding in contemporary Cuba. Although this language developed later in Cuba than in other Latin-American countries, “it has arisen with a distinctive philosophy,” organizers explain. “The increasing availability of audiovisual language has permitted the systematic application to visual arts, music, publicity (commercials), and also detonated a renewal of experimentation in fiction and documentary today.”
Tue., Jan. 9, 7 p.m.


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