Crazy Delicious

When prepared correctly, the Puerto Rican dish mofongo is a little sweet, a little salty, filling and decadent, and infused with the smoky succulence of bacon. The indigenous mishmash is so yummy it’s difficult to describe. The culinary delight makes a perfect title for the first full-length album by popular local band Bacon Bits. Frontman John Speck finds his ensemble’s sound almost impossible to define. “I like to call it bilingual funky tropicale, but some people don’t get that. So it’s funky, and it’s got a lot of Latin flavor, but it’s also got some punk in there. I want to keep it interesting for the folks who have ADD, like myself. Nobody listens to one genre of music anymore,” says Speck. Bacon Bits has cooked up an album with a lot of local flavor, featuring cameos by Fitzroy, Big Brookyn Red, and other members of Miami’s ever-supportive musical community. “Mofongo has a definite sunshine-banana-and-bacon kind of vibe. It’s got some grease to it,” Speck adds. Hear your new summer soundtrack at the band’s CD-release party tonight at 10:00. Don your dearest vintage threads and come ready to dance at Transit Lounge, 729 SW First Ave., Miami. Call 305-377-4628, and visit
Sat., Aug. 5


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