Crack Yourself Up

Fire it up, folks. This year’s South Beach Comedy Festival features a sundry side-splitting lineup including Kathy Griffin, Louis C.K., Dave Attell, Jeff Dunham, and Susie Essman. But tonight at the Fillmore, it’s all about the dude with the perm. Katt Williams will make you laugh so hard you might just poop your pants. If you saw his new movie, American Hustle, on Comedy Central last weekend, you know what we’re talking about: Williams struts onstage as Rick Ross’s “Hustlin’” blares in the background. “That’s my song! That’s my sheeit,” he shrieks in his signature high-pitch voice. “Ask any nigga that hustles -- that is our national anthem.”

Dressed like a crazy little pimp with relaxed hair, he paces back and forth, babbling about crackheads, Saddam Hussein, and Michael Jackson as the audience guffaws uncontrollably. “Listen while a pimp is talkin’; I’m just trying to help you. You gotta enjoy your motherfuckin’ life, that’s all I'm saying. Some of you all just need to smoke some weed.” Take his advice. Get a Dutch and go see the new king of underground comedy. Katt’s show starts at 8 p.m. Visit to check out the event schedule, or call 305-673-7300 for more information.
Thu., Jan. 17, 8 p.m., 2008


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