Cosplay’s Terrible Twos

While everybody else waits around for Halloween to slap a coat of paint onto an otherwise mundane party life, revelers at SushiSamba Dromo have been doing it every Tuesday for the past two years. 600 Lincoln Rd. transforms into Tokyo’s Harajuku district, with Miamians dressed to the nines emulating both known and self-made anime, manga, videogame, and movie characters while techno, house, and drum ’n’ bass bang through the eatery’s speakers. The party is called Cosplay Tuesday, and when you have a word that’s a marriage of costume and play, you know it’s gonna be cooler than anything you’ve ever attended. Leave the J. Crew dress at home, because this Tuesday is the two-year anniversary of a bash where hiding your true identity feels as good as downing one of SushiSamba’s killer caipirinhas.

Whether it’s a lime-green wig or a face full of creamy white makeup, Tuesday night is all about releasing yourself and embracing the possibility of a $1,000 prize for your killer costume. The soundtrack for such a fete is provided by guitarist turned sushi chef Shoyo Iida, member of famed Eighties metal band EZO. Yes, he shreds on the guitar and rolls sashimi. That’s Cosplay. The party starts at 11 p.m.
Tue., Nov. 18, 2008


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