Corking, Cyclones, and Bike-Lifting

A renegade freelancer at New Times recently conducted a random telephone survey of used car dealers and private sellers regarding their thoughts about alternative transportation. “You ain’t gon’ catch me in no hot-ass sun on a bike,” admitted a private seller of a Cadillac Brougham. Alex from Palermo Motors doesn’t mind pedaling. “People need transportation, and they come with natural A/C,” he said of bicycles. A man named Victor Hugo explained that where he lives in Kendall, “La gente no respetan bikers.” But he likes bikes because, hey, “no insurance.” We couldn’t agree more.

Saturday’s Critical Mass bike ride, a monthly event celebrating the power of self-propelled motion, is routed through downtown and the Grove’s topnotch urban vistas. The subtropical morning sunlight bouncing between the coke-fueled skyline and our Atlantic superhighway is stunning. Meet at the Vizcaya Metrorail station at 10 a.m. Visit
Sat., Oct. 11, 2008


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