Coral Support

Dolphins, marlins, manatees, and ibises are the go-to symbols for Miami. But considering we’re the only place in the continental United States with coral reefs off our shores, it’s curious that these creatures get little attention. Colin Foord and Jared McKay are trying to change that through Coral Morphologic. For their latest exhibit, “Flower Animal,” at the Biscayne Nature Center, Foord photographed zoanthids — distant relatives of coral and anemone that are naturally fluorescent — and pumped up their vivid colors with a filter that absorbs blue light. Also on view is a dreamy coral video installation created by McKay.

Corals are well on their way to the front of Miami’s consciousness. Coral Morphologic’s videos were projected at this year’s Sweatstock, and the duo’s aquatic aesthetic can be found on a recent Surfer Blood poster — but the twosome can’t do it alone. So we propose the Miami Football Club changes its lame name to the Fighting Corals. Admire our new mascots this Sunday at “Flower Animal.”
July 31-Sept. 26, 2010


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