Continued Heat

From hovering around .500 to being stuck in third place in the Southeast Division to Michael Beasley and his amazing fourth-quarter disappearing acts, the Miami Heat has been maddeningly inconsistent all year. They look utterly unstoppable one night and then completely craptastic the next. They can take down a perennial powerhouse like the Magic, only to get laid out by a bottom-dweller like Oklahoma the following game. It's all quite vexing.

For his part, head coach Erik Spoelstra is doing what he can. And by that, we mean he's doing pretty much nothing. "I'm not going to change the starting lineup," he said recently. "There's got to be a mindset change collectively." Yeah, that should fix it. So expect more of the same when the Heat hosts the Houston Rockets this Tuesday at the American Airlines Arena.
Tue., Feb. 9, 7:30 p.m., 2010


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