Conscientious Subjectors

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the United States-led invasion of Iraq, but if you forgot, we don’t blame you. We haven’t exactly been making huge sacrifices for the war effort, either. Our political leaders make it easy to buy Hummers and eat overflowing plates of unrationed food without worrying about all of the killing and dying happening “over there.” But the politically conscious folks at Arts at St. John’s have planned a rescue mission for your conscience, in the form of a whole month of art, music, and thoughtfulness for their Reflections on War series.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today, steer your gas-guzzler over to “Women and War,” an exhibit of new works by local artists at the Miami Woman's Club (1737 N. Bayshore Dr., Miami). The commissioned works trace the impact of war on women and vice versa throughout history and will be on display through March 31. On Saturday night, you can listen to Project Copernicus’s concert, Story of a Soldier, at Arts at St. John’s. Check the full calendar of events, including a peace party and panel discussions, at
March 6-31, 2008


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