Concrete Jungle

Those who cruise Miami’s streets are bombarded by roadside billboards and high-rises cluttering the city’s skyline. It’s easy to miss the subtle influence of nature on our jaded asphalt jungle. Douche out your mental perspective with “Nature Reflected,” an exhibit of new works by Miami artists Helen Webster and Kari Snyder that serves as a meditation on South Florida’s lush fauna and flora marooned in a sea.

On view at the Miami Beach Regional Library through September 29, Webster’s paintings and Snyder’s printmaking explore the ways in which exotic plants and animals coexist and clash with our everyday urban life. The exhibit focuses on the balance of Miami’s unique habitat, riffing on the Gulf oil spill and its devastation on an increasingly fragile environment. Check out works such as Bufo Marinus, Eastern Grey Squirrel, and Cuban Tree Frog, which remind us to become better environmental stewards lest we get to the point when these creatures exist only in pretty pictures.
Aug. 18-Sept. 29, 2010


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