Come Together

In the Seventies and early Eighties there were Last Tango in Paris, Midnight Cowboy, and The Blue Lagoon -- all unabashedly sexual films that found mainstream cinematic success. Nowadays violence is the new sex. Moviegoers are typically more comfortable watching some guy’s head being blown away than, well, you know. Vincent Gallo faced a critical backlash for his 2003 exercise in self-indulgence, The Brown Bunny. The most recent sexually controversial film is John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus. Instead of provoking sputtering criticism from the likes of Roger Ebert, the new film from the celebrated director of Hedwig and the Angry Inch is receiving accolades from Cannes to Canada for its honest portrayal of sex and relationships against a modern Manhattan backdrop. See what the hubbub is about at the MGLFF screening tonight at 7:30 at the Gateway Cinema. Tickets cost $12. Call 305-531-2117, or visit
Thu., Oct. 19


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