Color Me Bad

Late last week, we reported that according to Trojan Condom Survey, Miami residents are number one in the country when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Not just that, but we are also at the top of the list of how many times we get down and dirty each year. Really, what they are trying to tell us is that we are a bunch of floozies. (Hey, at least we are using condoms... let's hope.) So it's no surprise that when local artist Jessy Nite decided to find her calling, it was porn. Well, porn-inspired art, anyway. Nite, who moved from New York to Miami five years ago this month, is presenting her newest creation, "Color Me Porno," tomorrow with the help of nightlife veterans NFA Crew. Together, they are turning two giant rooms at Villa 221's Skybox Gallery into an adult-themed playground with word searches, connect the dots, and wall art that all the carry the theme of sex, sex, and more sex.
Fri., July 20, 9 p.m.-1 a.m., 2012


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