College Daze

Unless you live in the vast western expanse of suburbia known as Doral, there’s little reason to visit except for golfing or shopping. But now you can defend your collegiate honor. This Friday, the Cove — La Covacha’s palatable name during mainstream events — will host the Bragging Rights Festival in honor of Saturday’s Florida State University vs. University of Miami game. Bringing together college rivalry and house music, the event will include a beer pong tourney that pits UM against FSU. Teams can register for $15 per person by emailing The music lineup includes Vegas party starters Starkillers, Juicy Music’s Willie Morales, and local DJ Nikolas, elevating the event from back-yard kegger to full-blown house-music event.
Fri., Oct. 8, 6 p.m., 2010


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