Coffee Talk

Too Much Caffeine

SAT 5/28

When drips and splatters stick to the stove, regular folks sponge them up. Debra Cortese takes pictures. Her daughter rolls her eyes, but the Miami artist appreciates the shapes and textures created by her dripping coffee filter. The photos (some natural, some artistically enhanced) are on display through this month at Starbucks (11515 S. Dixie Hwy., Pinecrest). One looks like a map; another a flying hippo; others are a bit phallic, she says, but please keep remarks on the feedback board PG-rated. Tonight at 6:00 Cortese is bringing in other artists and performers for a free event at Starbucks. The prints are also online at -- Patti Roth


See/Be Seen

Pellucid Pictorials

A see-through exhibit

SAT 5/28

Elaine Carlson and Kimberley Maxwell are talented artists who play with paint and plastic while conspiring seamlessly to create invigorating works that cheerfully jeer, "Canvas be damned!" Their collaborative show, "Transparent Visions," opening tonight from 7:00 to 10:00 (and on view through June 26) at ArtCenter/South Florida (800 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach), tinkers with notions of translucency and transparency, and understanding the muddled world around us.

"What I really appreciate is their experimental approach to painting and how uncontrived their collaboration is. Although there is a lot of chance introduced into these pieces, there is a responsiveness between them that is remarkably effective," says Claire Breukel, ArtCenter curator.

Maxwell's work is inspired by found patterns she culls from scientific, natural, and cultural systems, while Carlson is driven by the intrusive nature of plastic into our everyday lives. The tag-team results combine joyfully to make embracing chaos clearly a beautiful thing. Call 305-674-8278, or visit --Carloz Suarez de Jesus

We're Here! We're Fabulous!

SUN 5/29

Remember the excessively fabulous Eighties? Big hair, big shoulder pads, and big, bigger, BIGGEST egos -- and that was just the kennel show! It was a larger-than-life time that coincided with the height of the gay ball era. These galas were Aquanet-fueled catfights between rival "houses," adoptive families consisting of members from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender communities. The weapons were killer vogueing, an outfit to die for, and a murderously cool look, which provided a bloodless outlet for the high-pressure anxiety that came with coming out then. Although the catwalks emptied during that grunge nonsense, the extravaganzas are making a comeback, and thanks to Father Makuta Chanel Versace (above), you can make the scene tonight at the Red Carpet Ball. Come out at 8:00 to the Polish American Club, 1250 NW 22nd Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $30, with proceeds benefiting AIDS charities. Call 305-635-2240. -- Margaret Griffis


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