Closer at Main Street Playhouse Through August 12

Winner of the Olivier Award for Best New Play in 1998, nominated for a Tony for Best Play in 1999, and turned into an Oscar-nominated movie in 2004 starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, Patrick Marber's sexually charged drama follows two couples who meet, fall in love, and are inevitably become caught in a web of lust and betrayal. British writer Dan Woolf meets ex-stripper Alice when he takes her to the hospital after witnessing her getting hit by a taxi. The accident occurred as the two stared at each other on the street. Dan and Alice begin a yearlong romance, but then he meets photographer Anna, whom he tries to persuade to have an affair with. Alice overhears his conversation with the photographer. A year later, Larry, a dermatologist, meets Anna after being inadvertently introduced by Dan, and they begin their own relationship. Soon after, however, Dan and Anna have their affair. Larry, meanwhile, runs into Alice at a strip club where she has begun working, and things get, well, complicated. Featuring strong language and adult content, Closer explores the foursome's relationship with truth, fantasy, sexual desire, and the illusion of love and romance.


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