Cleats of Fury

If you haven’t noticed yet, Florida is tops in football. NFL, NCAA, IWFL.... What’s IWFL, you ask? That’s the Independent Women’s Football League, which is a relatively new professional club chartered to promote fun and safety for women who enjoy tossing around the pigskin. Just think of it as a whole new sports league in which our state can dominate and conquer. Although these teammates might be as easy on the eyes as the cheerleaders, they play just as rough as the boys. The Miami Fury ladies even fought their way into the playoffs last year.

Tonight they’re playing up-coast rivals the Palm Beach Punishers at North Miami Athletic Stadium. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but the smart money is on last month’s 63-0 rout against the Punishers -- if injury doesn’t claim a few more of our players.
Sat., June 16


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