Clean Queens

It’s ironic that Laundry Bar, a place with quite a bit of soap, is actually the filthiest joint in town. At least it is one Monday a month, for the Queen Cabaret drag revue, a glorious parade of men with improbable wigs, platform shoes, and a pathological need for a crowd’s adoration. Led by the lovely Geraldine, Fernandi Cute, and the always elegant Juicy Pussy, the queens of this top-notch cabaret all perform songs based on themes, but with a tawdry twist. Last month’s show was about Marie Antoinette, and included on-stage decapitations with plaster heads rolling into the audience. Tonight is a tribute to the musical Chicago. Now don’t get confused: Laundry Bar does offer drag shows every Monday, but the special extravaganzas are only once a month, and there’s no set schedule as to when these magic Mondays fall. This show is a must-see — and the best part? It’s free!
Mon., April 9, 11:30 p.m.


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