Classy Ass

It seems like lately we're all feeling nostalgic for an earlier time. We can't miss an episode of Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire, we're reveling in vintage fashion like flapper dresses, and some of the most popular music on the radio references the Jazz Age and classic Motown. And y'know what those eras had in common? Sexy ladies who knew how to tease us.

Perhaps the greatest of them all was Josephine Baker. Born in St. Louis, Baker took Paris by storm in the '20s, turning on entire crowds with her thin, revealing dresses and sensual dance moves. Soon she was living a life Paris Hilton would envy, spending megabucks on jewelry, clothing, and exotic pets such as a leopard and a chimpanzee. She also supported troops during World War II and spoke out against racism in the United States, but her legacy is one of sophisticated sex appeal. The World Erotic Art Museum showcases Baker's films, posters, and art through February 29.
Mondays-Thursdays, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Fridays-Sundays, 11-midnight. Starts: Feb. 1. Continues through Feb. 29, 2012


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