Class of ´89 Rules!

Oh. My. God. Like, just when you totally thought you had, like, totally gotten rid of any evidence of your big, Aqua Net-teased hair (gag me!); acid-wash peg-leg jeans (barf!); and oversize Wham! concert T-shirt (um, we still get misty-eyed when we hear “Careless Whisper,” but don’t tell anyone), you realize your BFF has, like, posted the photos on her Flickr site. Did she have, like, a brain tumor for breakfast? Don’t have a cow, man. She’s just trying to get you in the mood to relive those awesome days when “Video Killed the Radio Star” and you were “Hot for Teacher.” Every week Shawn Rudnick and DJ Bruno will have you rockin’ down to “Electric Avenue” (and then they’ll take it higher) at Freeze Frame Thursdays at Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge. Put those stirrup pants on under your skirt (since they are back in style) and dance your way back in time tonight at 10:00. Call 305-538-1111, or visit
Thursdays, 2006


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