C.K. and Tired

Comedian Louis C.K.’s decades of scrapping by in stand-up comedy have paid off in spades. Not only is his FX series Louie a critical darling, which just got picked up for a second season, but his stand-up career is reaching George Carlin-like proportions. Dedicated to developing a new set every year, C.K.’s 2010 tour, simply titled “Word,” pulls into the Fillmore Miami Beach Friday at 8 p.m. While we can’t say for sure what the ginger-coiffed comic will be talk about this go around, it's safe to expect the same frank and explicit exploration into the human condition that has taken him to the zenith of his career. Sure, the comedy featured on this tour will likely be similar to the “everything's amazing and nobody's happy” schtick in the next season of Louie, but trust us, see it now in its raw, unfettered form. Expect jabs at the cringe-worthy moments in fatherhood such as this one: “If you're a parent and have never given your children the finger behind their back, you aren't really a parent.”
Fri., Dec. 10, 8 p.m., 2010


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