Cirque du Soul

Say adieu to the classic ringmasters of Ringling Bros. past. Instead of a man with a top hat, overcoat, and twisty mustache, you’ll find sassy and hip Aunt Maggie. She embodies the spirit of the UniverSoul Circus, a traveling big top based in Atlanta that’s owned and operated by African-Americans. The soundtrack at this circus isn’t cartoonish jingles. The elephants dance to Rihanna, while Aunt Maggie gets down to the smooth sounds of Beyoncé. She cajoles folks in the crowd to have dance-offs. She conducts the Soul Train line.

This circus is a showcase of talents from an eclectic pool of black Americans, along with people from around the world: Chinese aerialists, Belgian and Dutch acrodunk (stunt basketball) players, internationally renowned contortionists, folks who play with tigers, and those who walk on razor-sharp wire. There will be acrobats, horses, and Caribbean dancers sashaying under blazing limbo sticks.
March 23-28, 7:30 p.m., 2010


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