Cirque du Homestead

What do you get when you combine three rings, a big top, some dexterous elephants, and a guy with a bodacious top hat? No, not overambitious hard-core porn. It’s the circus! And though you might think you’ve seen it all before, this ain’t no Ringling Bros.; it’s the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars. This production is more Las Vegas show than sideshow, with spectacles that will leave you wanting to fulfill your lifelong dream of running away from home to join the circus.

Today and tomorrow at the Homestead Sports Complex, Cole Bros. is bringing 100 minutes of daredevil motorcyclists, Beijing’s Bungee Divers, the Guatemalan Ponce Family Flyers, and Zarina the woman who shoots out of a cannon. And don’t worry -- they haven’t forgotten the requisite cotton candy, hopped-up ringmaster, clowns, horses, and acrobats. Get free tickets for the younguns through, or pay $12 at the gate. But you don’t have to be a child to enjoy the three-ring shenanigans; your ticket costs $17. It’s available at the box office the day of the show. Otherwise call 1-888-332-5200, or visit
Wed., Nov. 7, 2007


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