Circ X's Ten-Year Anniversary: The Best of the Fest

Circ X's Ten-Year Anniversary: The Best of the Fest

Look, we're going to be honest with you: Circ X's 10-year anniversary show last weekend wasn't what you'd call a masterpiece. At three hours long, there were plenty of sketches and performances that didn't entertain nearly as much as we'd have liked. Even with two intermissions, 180 minutes is a long time to spend at any show.

But while we wish we could have given the show as a whole a heavy edit, there were plenty of perfect moments in the mix that stood elegantly on their own:

The Opening Act
Octavio Campos, as a smooth, suited lounge singer, serenaded a man in the audience so tenderly, and at the same time so perv-ily, that it tugged both at our heartstrings and tickled our funnybones.

Rosie Herrera
We'll watch this superstar dancer and choreographer in literally anything; she commands the stage with attitude and sass.

Equal parts horny, giddy, confused, and attention-seeking, the yellow bodysuited character of "Lemon" was the closest thing to a clown at this cabaret. Can we party with her this weekend?

The, uh, "Twinkie Game"
Audience participation elicited the most laughs of the night, especially during a game in which an unassuming older lady was called to the stage and drew the task of, um, seducing a Twinkie. The host's apologetic tone turned to incredulous hysteria when the lady in question proved without a doubt she knew her way around a cream-filled pastry. Get it, girl!

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