Cinephile's Gift Guide: Presents for the Film Fanatic in Your Life

Each Kwanza, you swing by the movie theater to grab your film fanatic bestie a gift card. It's easy, requires little thought, and sometimes you even get invited to the movies with them. That's a good friend -- them, not you.

The thing is, the film fan in your life would rather you purchase them a ticket to Sundance or Cannes, you cheapskate, or at least pay his monthly Netflix bill for a year.

You can't afford that, so we've helped put together a list of things you can probably afford to get your cinephile-Criterion-obsessed pal this holiday season.

Cinephile's Gift Guide: Presents for the Film Fanatic in Your Life

The Pedro Almodóvar Archives
Your David Lynch loving friend who is in a same sex partnership probably also is a fan of Almodóvar, the most fantastically flamboyant Spanish film dude since Dali. Taschen, the cultural coffee table book creators, recently put out a visual masterpiece which includes 600 images and a film strip from 2006's Volver in honor of this genius director. It's a sexy, colorful introduction to foreign film for the aspiring film buff.

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​Criterion Tote
Your film nerd buds need the perfect container to lug around their copies of The Making of Star Wars: The Emperor Strikes Back, Jurassic Park and Jules et Jim. Thankfully, Criterion has created this sleek looking tote that smugly but subtly says, "I'm better than you. I know film. The End."

Membership to Miami Beach Cinematheque or O Cinema
Your needy friend not only loves to watch movies, but wants to be a part of a community of others with the same interests. Sort of like that scene in the new Muppets movie when Walter first watches the Muppets of old and knows his purpose in life? Anyway, give those in search of belonging the gift of giving by making them members of two of this town's best film spots, Miami Beach Cinemateque and O Cinema. For the more youthful film philanthropist, donate to the Borscht Film Festival as an un-Scrooge-ian gesture.

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