Chocolate Rain

You can go to rehab for addictions to alcohol and drugs, sex and gambling. But where, oh where can the struggling chocoholic go? If you turn up at an AA meeting, you’ll probably get chastised for trivializing the 12-step method. And Weight Watchers might help you lose the pounds, but there’ll be no discussion of the basis for your addiction — which, let’s not forget, is gooey, dark, decadent, delicious chocolate. Yummy cocoa beans: sweetened, processed, and melted into bars, beans, and powder — they’ve been proven to have health benefits ranging from lowering blood pressure to combating depression. So why try to kick the habit? We say indulge your sweet tooth at Rosa Mexicano’s annual chocolate festival. There’ll be special menu additions from September 10 through October 12, and every item will be infused with the bean you love so very, very much.

Not every menu selection will be sweet, however. The blue corn scallops will come with tamarind, guava, and chocolate sauce; the fillet of beef will be sautéed with chocolate; and the roast duck breast will be drizzled with a spicy chocolate sauce. The sweets on deck sound amazing. Sign us up for the layered chocolate cake; besides the fact it is our favorite indulgence, it boasts prickly pear, lime, and guanabana ice creams within, creating a truly unique Neapolitan experience. The tasting menu is $65, and on September 20, there’ll be a step-by-step cooking class for $35. The address? Try 900 S. Miami Ave., Miami. Call 786-425-1001.
Sept. 10-Oct. 12, 2008


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