Chillin’ with Brazilians

Since the early Sixties, when saxophonist Stan Getz introduced American audiences to the poptastic sounds of bossa nova, Brazilian jazz has been a staple for a cool and sophisticated evening. The aptly named Nosso Trio (Portuguese for “our trio”) belongs to that long tradition of gifted musicians who skillfully mix smooth jazz with tropical samba.

The threesome began as a back-up band for the ultrapopular Brazilian singer/guitarist João Bosco. Together they recorded Bosco’s Malabaristas do Sinal Vermelho, which earned a Latin Grammy nomination in 2003. During their tours with Bosco, the three musicians realized they shared a common appreciation for understated jazz and began rehearsing as a solo group. Four years on, the trio has performed alongside Brazilian icons such as Milton Nascimiento and Cassia Eller, as well as released an album, Vento Bravo, and a DVD, Nosso Trio ao Vivo. You can enjoy them live today at 4:00 at the University of Miami’s Maurice Gusman Hall.
Sun., Nov. 4, 4 p.m., 2007


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