Chill Out, Hotties

Softened by reality TV and central air conditioning, most South Floridians are ill-prepared for the subtropic’s searing summer temperatures. With thermometers bursting their bulbs and locals panting for relief, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden has hatched a nipple-stiffening antidote to the blistering heat. “Ice in August,” featuring the work of Norwegian-born video artist Stian Roenning and photographer Joseph Pessar, urges hearty adventurers to sled it doggy-style to the steamy garden paradise for a taste of frostbite and flora.

Roenning’s videos capture scenes of Norwegian winters with haunting imagery of icy landscapes dusted in shades of white, an environment both breathtaking and chilly. Pessar also became inspired by the great white kingdom when he married a Norwegian girl and journeyed from the tropical waves of Miami Beach to the snowy Scandinavian climes. “I go after moments that appeal to me and make me feel a spark or alive inside,” he says. The exhibit is free to the public and ends today.
Fri., Aug. 31


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