Change is Good: Miami's 2012 New Year's Resolutions

Man, Miami, you're sort of awesome. There's so many things to love about you! Look at all of that warm sand and water, and the Everglades with its alligators. So cool. Palm trees are the best, aren't they? The rest of the U.S. is so envious of yours. There's art all over the place these days, too. No one can complain that you're uncultured anymore. Well, they can, but at least you'll have something to show them in defense of growth.

Still, no one and nothing is perfect. You certainly could use some work. That's why we compiled a little list of New Year's resolutions for you. Don't worry, you don't have to stop eating La Moon hot dogs at 3am. No one's going to ask you to stop saying "bro" or "Let's get down from the car." We're not even interested in harnessing your big booty/booby sex appeal, but there are a few things you need help with. Read on, please.

Change is Good: Miami's 2012 New Year's Resolutions
Daniel De Las Casas

Don't get so wasted during Basel
This is a tall order, we know. We're not asking you to not take advantage of the endless free drinks, we're just saying that you could ease up a bit and not be the drunkest girl at the party.

Everyone here is tired of hearing you say how much you regret last night's booze fest, how you shouldn't have slept with that girl/guy, and how you forgot where your car/underwear/friends/shirt are.

While you're at it, maybe you could look at more art during Basel, too. That is the purpose of the whole affair.

Change is Good: Miami's 2012 New Year's Resolutions
ING Marathon

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Get off your ass and run the ING Marathon
Miami, you look good. You're positively HOT. Here, you've got some of the better looking people that the U.S. has to offer. Have you been to Wichita? It's terrifying.

Miami is in pretty good shape, but how about getting in even better shape? The ING Marathon is the perfect time to do just that. You don't like waking up before noon, we know, but that doesn't mean that you cannot wake up before noon. This year is better than any other to start training.

Change is Good: Miami's 2012 New Year's Resolutions

Ride a bike, put in bike roads
In a similar vein, ride more bike. It not only will help you look and feel better, but it will also ease up some of this monstrous traffic. Perhaps moving closer to your job isn't an option, but how about pairing up cycling with the Metrorail? And while you're at it, Miami, more bike roads would be a nice New Year's present.

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