Cecille B. Duchamp-ed

If the new experimental wing of the Miami International Film Festival, Cutting the Edge, whetted your appetite for non-linear cinema, then the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami has a treat for you. Abstract Cinema and Technology, an exhibit that explores how technological innovations from 1920 on provided new inspirations for visual artists, begins tonight with an opening reception.

Chief Curator Bonnie Clearwater, in association with MOCA Exhibition Coordinator Kevin Arrow, has done a great job selecting works from a long history of artists playing around with celluloid, video, and digital. From early studies of perception like Hans Richter's Rhythmus 21 (1921-4) and Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray's Anemic Cinema (1926) to Cory Archangel's Untitled (After Lucier) (2006), which slowly deconstructs the footage of the Beatles performing on the Ed Sullivan show.

The exhibition is on loop until May 10, but that opening night is always the most fun.
Wed., March 25, 7 p.m., 2009


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