Catwalkin’ Babes

While frat guys like the University of Florida’s troubled Pi Kappa Alphas fuel the stereotype of boys who like to paddle each other and ply unsuspecting girls with panty-dropping shooters, there are others who take their philanthropy seriously. Take Delta Lambda Phi, a national social fraternity founded in 1986, which happens to be the nation’s oldest and largest frat for gay, bisexual, and progressive men. Sure, they like to party, but they do it right. Tonight the boys from FIU’s chapter will host their first DLP DivasSilver Screen Sirens,” an AIDS charity event to benefit Care Resource. The beauty pageant-style evening of music and entertainment will be hosted by drag queen Daisy Deadpetals and feature several other fabulous South Florida drag queens, including TP Lords, Vegas Dion, Kitty Meow, Gina Di Angelo, and Poison Ivy. “The event is going to be fun, fashion, fierce,” purrs Joseph A. Quiñones, DLP social and public relations chair.

One of the pageant’s judges, Beau Beasley, is sure the event will attract a diverse crowd. “A lot of straight people will show up because they love the fashion,” he states. “Hello! Fruit flies and fag hags make the gays go ´round!”

FIU sorority girls will be competing in the usual pageant categories -- evening gown, swimsuit, and talent -- for a chance to win a spa package from RikRak Salon & Boutique and a $100 donation to their chapter’s philanthropy. (We’re hoping one of the sisters will be a very kinky girl and bust out a dance routine to Rick James’s “Superfreak” à la Little Miss Sunshine.) Show your support at 7:00 at SoBe Live. Tickets cost seven dollars and can be purchased at the door. Call 305-695-2820, or visit and
Thu., Oct. 19


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