Catch Soul Fever with Frankie Beverly and Maze

There is little you can do to control your body once Frankie Beverly takes over the stage in his trademark all-white ensemble of shoes, pants, shirt, and baseball cap. In fact, you’d need Kathy Bates and a whole lotta rope to keep your feet from dancing to the music that he and his backing band/collaborators/partners in sound Maze inspire. Born in 1976 and still making their unique brand of soul music, the group known as Frankie Beverly and Maze will hit the American Airlines Arena this Friday and bring with them a trunk full of hits from their enormous catalogue. You think “Happy Feelin’s,” “Before I Let Go,” and “Runnin’ Away” caress your eardrums from the headphones connected to your iPod? Wait till you see them, hear them, and feel them live.
Fri., Sept. 18, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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