Catch Contact with Nastie

In the early 1940s, certain intelligence agencies of the U.S. government used cannabis to extract the truth from captors with a bad case of cat-got-your-tongue. The THC back then had been proven to cause loose-lip syndrome, but the street-level strains sold now seem to only promote the sale of late-night extra-value meals. If perhaps some of that vintage greenery were still around and ours for the taking, we just might try some.

So the truth is that this Monday is a nationally recognized day when potheads unite and release a massive cloud of smoke into the atmosphere. In honor of this illustrious (and intoxicating) holiday, local party guru Notorious Nastie will host the 420 Smokeout BBQ at PS14. Because it's a no-brainer that music is a major component of the puff-puff-pass tradition, a dope lineup of live acts — including ArtOfficial, !Mayday!, Coppa Stone, and Don Sha — will hit the stage while you babble on incessantly about the doughnuts at 7-Eleven. Just pass the dutchie on the left-hand side.
Mon., April 20, 7 p.m., 2009


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