Captiva at the Arsht Center through November 20

Three siblings reunite to celebrate their love and friendship after one of them announces her engagement. But all the good times derail when Mom and Dad show up and, worse, a hurricane hits, leaving the troubled clan marooned together for a weekend and forcing them to face some uncomfortable realities about each other. Their alcoholic father is now married to one of the son's high school friends, there's palpable anxiety, there's booze, and there's weird sexual tension, all while buried rivalries bubble to the surface. Arguments and conversations ensue. And with the storm raging outside, they bust open a crapload of wine to help them sort it all out. Carbonell-winning playwright Christopher Demos-Brown's biting dark comedy takes droll and honest jabs at the contemporary American family, dysfunction, and facing up to ugly truths about the ones we love.


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