Can You WMC a Little Softer?

Winter Music Conference veterans know it takes stamina to make it all the way through the week without breaking down into an uncongealed mess of fluids by Friday afternoon. Problem is, you get so amped the first night it's hard not to blow your party wad all at once. Problem solved: Start out your week with Home Grown Stone Groove at the Vagabond.

The weekly jam run by poet/musician Marcus Blake is throwing a very special pre-WMC party that features local acts skilled at rocking a little smoother. Think Freddie Jackson sipping a milkshake in December. Think the crotch of James Brown's jeans midway through "I Got You (Feel Good)." Think Jack Kerouac driving 60 miles per hour through lower Iowa. Think Raffa and Rainer, Fitzroy, the Third Party, and DJ A-Train.

Then think about getting some rest, drinking four gallons of orange juice, and making sure your will is up-to-date.
Tue., March 24, 10 p.m., 2009


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