Can You Smell What Tuesday Is Cooking?

Has it ever occurred to you that, several thousand years from now, 99 percent of what we consider “culture” will be lost forever? And what if, by sheer circumstantial luck, one of those very few surviving works of art is a VHS cassette of Wrestlemania III? Might our descendants rationally conclude that all of us walked around in tight, multicolored singlets; spoke in exaggerated rage; and solved our differences by smashing chairs across each other’s backs? And how supernaturally awesome would it be if that were actually true?

For one night, it will be, when this Tuesday, American Airlines Arena transforms itself into the modern Greek theater we know as WWE Smackdown/ECW. For wrestling fans, ECW has a legacy all its own and needs no introduction. To the rest of you, it’s the third brand inside World Wrestling Entertainment (Raw and Smackdown are the others) and translates to “the things they can’t show except late at night and on the Sci Fi Channel.”
Tue., July 14, 6:45 p.m., 2009


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