Can You Pass the Test?

Questions: (1) Why does it make sense that so many Cubans have found a home in South Florida and that Spanish is commonly spoken throughout Greater Miami? (2) Miami isn't even the largest city in Florida (Jacksonville is), but the metropolitan area has a population of more than five million. What was its population in 1940? (3) There is evidence of settlements dating back 12,000 years. Later three Indian tribes made a home here. Name them. (4) After Europeans infected them with smallpox, many Tequesta fled to what city? (5) When did William English establish the Village of Miami? @cal body 1:Answers: (1) Florida was discovered by a Spaniard, Juan Ponce de León, in 1513. (2) About 172,000. (3) Tequesta, Seminole, Miccosukee. (4) Havana, Cuba. (5) Between 1842 and 1844. Even better questions will be asked, and likely answered, during today’s South Florida History Challenge, hosted by Dr. Paul George.
Sat., Jan. 6, 2-4 p.m.


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