Can You Boogie?

Electric Pickle. Would a club by any other name sound as sour? In a city where hoity-toity monikers such as Mansion and Louis are de rigueur, a handle that sounds like a mad science project makes our lips pucker in a weird, refreshing way. Would you rather drown your workweek woes in a place that evokes images of inserting live wires into a sour cucumber, or one named for an ancient Greek method of jewelry-making (here’s looking at you, Cameo)? The former has taken up residency at the old Circa 28 spot, and if we know the Miami party spirits, they’ve been cooped up far too long and are ready to get back onto the scene. FYI: The brainchild of Aquabooty’s Tomas Ceddia and Boogie Miami’s Will Renuart could do no less than rock out in the name of good music.

Follow their lead each Friday at Boogie, a loud, intense night of electro and house that will leave your dancing shoes begging for mercy. You’ve fully recuperated from WMC, so no excuses.
Fri., April 3, 10 p.m., 2009


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