Can We Have Your Autograph?

“Toot,” goes the pitch pipe, and you’re on. If you knew what was good for you, you would wring the sweat from your hands and force the tremors from your voice. You might be a big ball of nerves, but there’s no time for that this Saturday. Because when MTV announces it’s searching for the next big thing in pop music, you don’t have to be Kelly Clarkson to know you’ve waited a lifetime for a moment like this. For now, the folks at MTV are calling the show the Untitled Singing Group Project, and they’re hosting a nationwide search for a three- to six-member group, ages 18 and up, that’s good enough to carry the future of catchy melodies and infectious hooks on their backs. And did we forget to mention the winner gets $100,000? How silly of us.

Yes, MTV execs are searching for a pop group, but this time they want one that is unique and innovative. Is that you and your Backyard B-Boys? Or Rosie and the Alleycats from down the street? Auditions will take place by appointment only at S.I.R., 12200 NE 14th Ave., North Miami. E-mail Lamont Pete at to book your time slot today. Visit or for more information.
Sat., July 5, 2008


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