Bye, Haters!

Michael Madd loves "the haters." The more they hate, the harder he works. He says they're jealous, that it's in their nature to envy, that every successful person experiences a backlash from his or her community in response to how well the individual is doing. As a promoter of Miami Live - a weekly star-studded event that attracts "the most beautiful girls anyone has ever seen anywhere" - Madd gets hated on.
He attributes much of the success of Miami Live to electronic marketing through recap e-mails that tell you what you've missed each week. Madd says he has developed a style that people respond to. Here's an anonymous sampling of what some of the haters had to say:
"What an egotistical asshole."
"Try short and sweet, fuckface."
"MM is a crazy motherfucker."
"I am so fucking sick of this guy e-mailing me, you have no idea."
"No kidding. I think I got two e-mails today alone from him."
Tonight, the weekly party at Santo ends with the Miami Live Retirement Celebration and Madd promises surprise appearances from the "Latin, R&B, elite hip hop, and international reggae markets in an amazing, clean and sexy environment." Why stop now? "We're competing with people who aren't on our level. We'd rather exit at the top," he explains. Be there for the end of an era at Santo Restaurant, 430 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach. The party starts at 11.
Wed., Aug. 20, 2008


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