By Any Other Name

There’s art aplenty in the Gables tonight @cal body 1 no indent:Call the City Beautiful’s first Friday of the month gallery night an “arts crawl,” and organizers will likely respond as if suffering from an attack of cramped bowels. It’s the Great Gables Gallery Stroll for the much more Rotarian than edgy nabe, so forget about having to hopscotch over broken beer bottles littering the streets while promenading in this gilded hood. Catch the slow-moving trolley to explore the artsy happenings along the Gables’ main promenade.

Tonight at 7:00, you can view Felipe Alarcon’s “Isla al Sur” at ArtRouge Gallery (3275 Ponce de Leon Blvd.), featuring surreal mixed-media-on-cardboard works for which Cuba is the artist’s muse. Call 305-448-2060, or visit Downwind at Jorge M. Sori Fine Art (2970 Ponce de Leon Blvd.), Jaime Carrasquilla unveils “Totem Objects,” a suite of recent abstract works inspired by Rembrandt’s The Man with the Golden Helmet, in which the Colombian artist aspires to capture “the fragmentation of the paint itself.” Call 305-567-3151.

At Reed Savage Gallery (4217 Ponce de Leon Blvd.), Asian art gets top billing, including a mural-like canvas titled China: The Four Kingdom Panels, by emerging artist Feng Feng. Call 305-466-1212, or visit
Fri., June 1


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