Butterflies Are Free

Although they are ephemeral insects with no heart or brain to speak of, butterflies love just as passionately as we do. The bond between butterfly and flower is as fervent that between Shakespeare and the dark lady in the sonnets. Butterflies brave the elements over incredible distances to gain sustenance from their objects of affection. In a garden unsullied by pesticides, watching the graceful, erratic flight of brushfoots, milkweeds, and swallowtails is a pleasure to be savored. Learn how to attract these entrancing imagoes to your backyard at South Florida Butterflies and the Plants They Love, a lecture presented by entomologist Adrian Hunsberger. Today from 10:00 a.m. to noon at Miami Beach Botanical Garden, she will introduce aspiring horticulturists to the colorful, nectar-filled, native blossoms that can transform a garden into a romantic hideaway for you and your fluttering friends. Admission is free. Call 305-673-7256, or visit www.mbgarden.org.
Sat., Oct. 21


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