Busting the Blockbusters

Remember the scene in Top Gun when Maverick and Iceman finally give in to their carnal desire for each other? How about Rocky’s dramatic heavyweight title match against Chewbacca? Or the one in which Marty McFly travels into the future to fight Bill and Ted in the Thunderdome? Of course not, because none of those scenes happened. But with the help of Just the Funny, Miami’s premier improv comedy troupe, you can bring your twisted cinematic dreams to life at Supermovie: Live on Stage! tonight at 9:00.

A special edition of Just the Funny’s weekly show at the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium, Supermovie will feature audience-inspired mockery of blockbusters past and present, and will probably be a lot more fun than any of them. Admission is ten dollars, but for a mere two bucks more, you can stick around for the group’s 11:00 Deep Dish Improv Show – Chicago-style improv funny enough to stand a chance against Ditka. Call 305-MY-FUNNY, or visit www.justthefunny.com.
Sat., June 2, 11 p.m.


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