Burning Questions

Several story lines surrounding the Heat might draw you to today’s matchup against the San Antonio Spurs at the American Airlines Arena (601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami). Can Dwyane Wade summon the heroics to defeat one of the Western Conference giants? Can Shaq, after all of his injuries, still handle Tim Duncan, one of the league’s premier big men? Is Antoine Walker’s head a perfect cube? (You can get a good closeup of it from behind the Heat bench.)

On the Spurs side, will Manu Ginobili give the best exhibition of diving this side of a Chinese Olympic tryout? Can Duncan smile? And most important, will Tony Parker’s fiancée, Eva Longoria, show up so you can add her to your “fantasy team”? Warning: For some reason, your girlfriend hates her.
Sun., Feb. 11, 1 p.m.


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