Burn One Down

College kids and reluctant adults have had this date mentally circled all year, and finally it’s time to kick back and celebrate the high life. Yup, yup, it’s 4/20. To nonstoners, allow us to explain. For some reason — check out Wikipedia for possible origins, although the history is understandably hazy — this particular date and time have come to symbolize marijuana. Ganja. Trees. Grass. Reefer. Lamb’s bread collie. Sinsemilla. Chronic. Whatever you want to call it, today will be celebrated throughout campuses and grassy knolls as everyone’s favorite nudge-nudge, wink-wink counterculture holiday. So smoke it if you got it, homey — we’ve got a delightful list o’ suggestions to enhance your experience all day.

There’s something about smoking that makes you appreciate the great outdoors a whole lot more. The overall sense of peace engendered by sitting on the grass and staring up at the clouds is a perfect complement to your afternoon chill-out. Completely separate from the unofficial celebration, there’s a perfect-for-stoners event taking place at Tamiami Airport (12800 SW 145th Ave., Miami). Anyone up for watching the Sunrise Community Hot Air Balloon Race? Giant inflatable figures will float across your field of vision from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. You might ask yourself: Dude, is that the Energizer Bunny? And the answer will be yes, it is. The “hot hare balloon” is part of the inflatable fun. Besides that, there’ll be live music, arts and crafts, and food. Can’t forget food. Visit www.sunrisegroup.org. When the evening comes, it’s time for music and fun, and there’ll be lots of that at DJ Lance-O’s big 4/20 bash at Jazid (1342 Washington Ave., Miami Beach). Doors open at 9, and performers include Fitzroy, Natty Remo, Made of Hemp, Zionist, and Three of We. Don’t forget to score a copy of Lance-O’s latest mix, “Ganja Juggling.” Sweet. Visit www.kulchashok.com. For a different musical selection, check out Blissful Frequencies 420 Festival at PS14 (28 NE 14 St., Miami). Beginning at 7, there’ll be tunes by Alukard, The Bango, Gato Xango, and the Crackwhore Sweethearts. Aww. Visit www.myspace.com/blissfulfrequencies.
Sun., April 20, 2008


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