Not ullets 4 pea, Bullets 4 Peace.
Not ullets 4 pea, Bullets 4 Peace.

Bullets 4 Peace Unloaded at the Eden Roc Saturday Night









This pastSaturday night, designer Rafi Anteby celebrated his jewelry line, Bullets 4 Peace, and his birthday poolside at the Eden Roc. And while the fashionable crowd's low-key "Happy Birthday" ditty left something to be desired (such as a few gallons of champagne and some happy pills), the show -- featuring topless, painted, and thonged models -- sure didn't. Visit the website to check out the baubles made from repurposed bullet casings, and check the vid below to see how Rafi opened his show and why the men in the crowd will never forget one winged fairy. 


Bullets 4 Peace at the Eden Roc from Raina on Vimeo.


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