Buck This Heat

The last time the Miami Heat clashed with the Milwaukee Bucks, the Big Three were leading the team to their fifth-straight win. Dwyane Wade, returning to the city where he played college ball, finished the night with 25 points and a career-high of 14 rebounds. LeBron James contributed 17 while Chris Bosh poured in 16 with 12 boards. But the biggest story of this game was the majestic, fast-break dunk that has become a symbol of pride for Heat fans everywhere. D-Wade ran at the basket with LeBron and Bucks defenders Andrew Bogut and Larry Sanders trailing the play. But Wade kept running as he bounced the ball to his right, without ever looking back at James. James caught the ball in stride, rose up, and flushed it down with authority while Wade kept running with his arms raised, already knowing how the play would end. The moment was captured by a sideline photographer, and it quickly made the rounds on Heat fans’ Twitter and Facebook accounts. Wade running with his arms raised; LeBron bringing the ball down towards the basket; two feeble defenders watching helplessly. It was the epitome of what this dynamic duo can do when they’ve both got their game on. No telling what kind of image will be captured this Tuesday when the Heat host the Bucks at American Airlines Arena.
Tue., Jan. 4, 7:30 p.m., 2011


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