Brushed Aside? Brush Back

After dark, Paul Gaeta, AKA PG-13 and the founder of Circuitree Records, can be found blistering local clubs with hip-grinding electronic and hip-hop beats. But by day, the lanky DJ/producer struggles to teach his inner-city grade-school students art without a budget at Frederick Douglass Elementary. This Wednesday at 10 p.m. inside the Vagabond, Gaeta will join forces with Miami’s Sweat Records for the Giving Tree, a multimedia bash to raise funds for the art supplies his classes need.

“Last year, the school scaled back our art budget, and I had to dig deep into my pocket for supplies,” Gaeta says.

The fundraiser will feature live music by Afrobeta, Junc Ops, Sunderland, OOO, and Jiae Hwang; visual art by Kent Hernandez and Bhakti Baxter; and savory baked treats by Cadycakes.

Suggested donation is five dollars, and all proceeds will go to Gaeta’s kids. “This year, we don’t have a budget at all for paints, brushes, or anything else,” the mix-master rues.
Wed., Aug. 5, 10 p.m., 2009


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