Broadway Hits the Gables

Experience New York circa 1944 without getting into a plane or time machine. The University of Miami’s Department of Theater Arts presents On the Town at the Jerry Herman Ring Theater on campus. Opening night is tonight at 8:00. Undergraduate students recreate the classic Broadway hit about three sailors on a 24-hour pass from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They set out to find Miss Turnstiles after seeing her photo on the subway, taking the audience on a scenic Big Apple tour.

“We see a series of snapshots of New York City culture in 1944. You get to see Coney Island, Harlem … little glimpses of the city,” says Vince Cardinal, chairman of the department. “It’s a great comic, cabaret-style humor coupled with Leonard Bernstein music,” he adds. Even Broadway virgins probably know songs from this one; numbers include “Come Up to My Place,” “Some Other Time,” and “New York, New York.” Tickets for tonight’s opening show are $18. The show runs through April 28; matinee and evening weekend tickets are available.
April 18-28


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